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New Logo for the Oldest Jewelry Store

Dear Design Contest, On the behalf of SINCE1860.COM, VILLAGE JEWELERS AND KHOURY JEWELERS. I highly recommend MR. NASHAAT ZAKKOUR for your program in design contest. He worked under request for this contest for our Jewelry store, July Of 2013. His responsibilities included a design and Logo and the design of lion that will become a corporate headquarters logo brand for one of the oldest most respected Jewelry stores in the world, and A DTC Group of De Beers. Demonstrating an incredible initiative and a strong dedication, I had the great pleasure of seeing him blossom from nothing to a Lion that looks hand carved from out of a stone. I feel that MR. NASHAAT ZAKKOUR is a fully functioning designer who conduct designs with a diverse set of skills. He responds well to intellectually demanding situations and applies himself even though he was on a different time zone with enthusiasm to new learning situations to show me his talents.

$477 заплатил

139 custom designs

57pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #128 by Nashaat, Дизайн логотипа for New Logo for the Oldest Jewelry Store Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nashaat