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Life Coaching & Energy Healing

What a great concept! I received lots of very interesting designs, however most did not really convey what I was looking for. This was the first time I used a service of this type and I learned that you have to be very, very specific. I did, however, modify my brief through the process and it appeared that about 50% of the designers read the brief. It looked like designers just looked at what was already out there and didn't bother to read. I also had a problem with the winning designer providing small changes and loading files for me in the required file formats. I believe that this was a language barrier. I had to have a rep from Design Contest reformat and send the files to me. Only then did I get satisfaction. It was extremely frustrating! I understand that the designers are supposed to take a test assuring that they understand all the contest rules and regulations, however, I felt that my designer had a problem with understanding my requirements and requests for minor fix

$275 заплатил

132 custom designs

53pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #72 by BAZOKA, Дизайн логотипа for Life Coaching & Energy Healing Contest
Gold Medal

designed by BAZOKA