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Edison International School

This was an exciting and amazing experience to have so many creative people submitting great designs. The only hard part was choosing the winner because there were so many good designs. I kind of would have preferred 2nd and 3rds get some of the prize money. Seems a bit unfair that way but I truly recommend it if you are in need of a design. Far easier than searching for a designer or whatever then sitting down with them. This dispenses of hard feelings if the designs are not quite what you liked face to face. It started slowly but then picked up later. I had over 200 by the time it was done and seriously 5 very good ones by the end.

¥52684 заплатил

206 custom designs

56pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #192 by BEAUTIFUL_GARDEN, Дизайн логотипа for Edison International School  Contest
Gold Medal